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Chalk Warfare

6 г. назад

Created by 16 year old Sam Wickert and Eric Leigh from South Carolina Drawing weapons with chalk? Chalk Warfare?! Make sure to ...

Greenie Nominee: CHALK WARFARE by Eric Leigh & Sam Wickert

3 г. назад

To vote for this film, click LIKE above. The video with the most likes in each category by April 1st wins! Thousands of people submitted their short films to the ...

Captive Produced - By Sam Wickert

4 г. назад

Produced in partial fulfillment for the requirements of the Fine Arts Center's Digital Filmmaking Class, Greenville, SC.

Not-So-Virtual Reality

4 г. назад

Meet Oculus Rift's competitor... Click to tweet! Click to share to Facebook!

Creating Your Own Content Part 2

2 г. назад

To view Part 1 please go to: Principal Speakers: Joshua Caldwell, a director, writer, producer and MTV Movie Movie award winner.

Chalk Warfare 3.0

4 г. назад

Consider backing us on Patreon! There's rewards! Click to tweet! Drawing weapons with chalk? Chalk ...

Vray Render Passes Tutorial

4 г. назад

Download the free 3d model! Connect with us! Website! Facebook!

Tiny Tank (360 VR video!)

6 дн. назад

50% Tiny, 50% Tank // This is 3d! If you have a VR device & headphones - get them out! CREDITS to the amazing people involved below! Created in partnership ...

Internet Surfer | 3D 360 VR

8 мес. назад

Subscribe to TransportVR for more content: From the visual effects magicians at SoKrispyMedia (aka Sam Wickert and Eric ...

VFX Breakdown - Slender

6 г. назад

Here's a breakdown of the effects in our Slender video! Check out the Behind the Scenes as well!

Gunshot Smoke Tutorial (FumeFX)

5 г. назад

Download the project files here! Here's a tutorial teaching you how to create ...


5 г. назад

Nothing new.. just giant dominos falling down the street! Make sure to comment, like, and subscribe! Thanks! Shout out to Sam Wickert at "SoKrispyMedia" for ...

VFX Breakdown - The Future of VFX

5 г. назад

Check out our new website! Here's the vfx breakdown to our video, "The Future of VFX" ...

Rendering FumeFX in 3ds Max

4 г. назад

Here's how I render fumefx for compositing in adobe after effects! If you have any questions be sure to hit us up with the links below! Download the project files!

VFX Breakdown - Real Life Cheat Codes

7 г. назад

Check out our new website! This video will show how we completed most of the VFX in "Real Life Cheat Codes" If you have any ...


8 г. назад

SoKrispyMedia - Sam Wickert & Eric Leigh -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eric and his best friends are just so ...


6 г. назад

Check out our new website! This is a test video for a new tutorial coming soon! Facebook! ...

Watch “Lazaro”: From Street Kid to Cowboy

2 г. назад

Watch the true story of one boy's journey from street kid to cowboy, starring the children and staff of Rice Bowls' partner home, GSCH. Director of Photography: ...

A7s II Unboxing / Test Shots

2 г. назад

It's been too long! Here's a quick vid unboxing our new camera. I had limited gear to film while I was back in South Carolina - pls don judge! Facebook!

Motion Capture Tutorial (Xbox Kinect)

4 г. назад

Here's a tutorial overview on how we got the motion capture animation for iron man in Chalk Warfare 3.0 ( ...

Exploding a Wall in 3ds Max

4 г. назад

Here's a tutorial on how to destroy a wall using rayfire in 3ds max, as seen in chalk warfare 3.0. I apologize for the slight glitchy-ness! I tried a new render ...