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beauty of paragliding

3 г. назад

'Beyond' Music by Matthew Mayer of This footage is managed exclusively by If you wish to license this footage ...

The Front Launch - Paragliding Basics - How to Paraglide

4 г. назад

This video shows you how to correctly forwards launch a paraglider. Start with legs and shoulder straps and then move to the brakes. Correctly hold the A's make ...

Magic of Paragliding 4k 60fps - Part 1

8 мес. назад

Now with the Gopro 6 my dream came true, to record with an actioncam in 4k (60 fps) while Paragliding. It is beyond compare what I've seen before. Video with ...

Weightless - Jean-Baptiste Chandelier

8 мес. назад

Jean-Baptiste CHANDELIER / Pilot, Edit, cinematography: - facebook : - Instagram: @jbchandelier - Youtube channel ...

Paragliding vs Speedflying

2 г. назад

This film was a project for a documentary production class. Help support my YouTube channel:

Learning how to Paraglide Vlog and First Flight!

1 г. назад

Paragliding vlog - First Flight and Learning how to Paraglide *By the way, the harness I was kiting with is just for kiting and the small flights, I had a different one ...

GoPro: Red Bull X Alps

5 г. назад

Shot 100% on the HD HERO3® camera from Hike, climb and paraglide your way through the Alps with Christian Maurer as he attempts to win ...

GoPro: High Altitude Paragliding

3 г. назад

In La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, David Geiser and Jeremy Peclard push the limits to achieve the world's highest double paraglide jump from a hot air ...

Touch - Jean-Baptiste Chandelier

4 г. назад

Jean-Baptiste CHANDELIER / Pilot&Edit : - facebook : - Youtube channel : ...

Flying To McDonald's On My Paramotor

11 мес. назад

T-shirts - People often ask "can you fly that thing to work/school/the store?" Although it's not really practical to do daily, ...

Paraglide XC Engelberg - Fanas, 137km

1 г. назад

Die grosse Freiheit. Von Anfang weg super Thermik. Beim Oberbauenstock angekommen die Entscheidung zur Querung des Urnersees. Meine erste ...

Best of paragliding 2017

5 мес. назад

Warning!! This video contains pictures that some pilots might find disturbing! Compilation of 198 flights within 210 days. See and be amazed, from bottom to top ...

Paragliding Bir Billing 2017

2 г. назад

Billing is take off point and Bir is landing point.

Extreme Freestyle Paragliding Tricks with Marvin Ogger

4 г. назад

More freestyle flying with Ogger: Flying a kite from the safety of the ground is one thing, but flying a kite that you're attached to while ...

The Best Paragliding 1

2 г. назад

The Best Paragliding Z braku warunków do latania trzeba było coś zmontować In the absence of conditions for flying something we had to assemble.

Paragliding For Beginners. Learn to fly!

2 г. назад

Paragliding Hill start Training for Beginners.

The Best of Paragliding moments

2 г. назад

The Best of Paragliding moments.


3 г. назад

This is the documented road trip of young and talented pilots from the world of acro paragliding. They will cross a large range of scenery throughout Europe ...

Flying To 15,000 Feet On My Paramotor - Paravlog #12

1 г. назад

T-shirts - I was inspired to set a new personal altitude record so I set out to achieve 12000 feet. 12k took less time than I ...

World's Easiest Powered Paragliding / Paramotor / Paraglider/ Paramotoring Equipment!! Flat Top!!!

9 г. назад Powered Paragliding world's easiest equipment for paramotor paraglider paramotoring. The Flat Top from U-Turn USA makes flying super ...