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Spatial Audio Test with Zoom H2n Mic

2 г. назад

For the full effect, use your smartphone with your headphones plugged in. Buy a Zoom H2n mic: My YouTube Gear: ...

360 Video Spatial Audio Test

2 г. назад

Snowball - A VR 360° + Spatial Audio

2 г. назад

The snow is falling, it's cold. A gruff lumberjack goes to cut wood for the winter. But living in this environment is not without consequences. ----- Only one month of ...

"Can't Stop The Feeling" cover - 360/VR Video with SPATIAL AUDIO

2 г. назад

Our first 360 video is an experiment, a cool cover of the Justin Timberlake song. "Spatial Audio" only works with Android devices, hopefully that will be changing ...

Spatial Audio M3 Review

3 г. назад

Ron from reviews the Spatial Audio M3's. How do they sound? Terrifically terrifying. The bass rattled my ribcage while beating ...

Spatial Audio Hologram M3, M4 w/ Clayton Shaw -- Darko.Audio

3 мес. назад

More coverage like this at http://Darko.Audio.

3D Surround Sound (TEST)

8 г. назад

3D Surround Sound Test.

dearVR pro | VST, AAX, AU | Spatial Audio demo video | Virtual Acoustics (HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED)

9 мес. назад

The leading 3D Audio processor in two new plugins: dearVR pro and dearVR music! HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED! Released on Plugin Alliance: ...

Philarmonic 360 video with spatial audio - Manuel de Falla

2 г. назад

A 360° experience filmed during an audio recording of the Bewitched love composed by Manuel de Falla in 1915. Maestro Enrique Mazzola conducts the ...

[Spatial Audio Demo] Quartet 360 Music Video

8 мес. назад

This is a 360 video of Hans Krása Quartet. Producers Petr Šoupa and Barletta used G'Audio Lab's Pro Tools plugin, Works, to spatialize the audio. In this FOA ...

360 Spatial Audio Demo - Train (Must use headphones)

2 г. назад

Works on Android phones with YT app and Desktop with google Chrome Made with two big ears - spatial audio workstation I do not own copyright to this video ...

Spatial Audio/3D music by CAPE Rebellion headphones

2 г. назад

Put your headsets or headphones on.Hear the difference! CAPE Rebellion headphones can transform 2D audio into a 3D audio.The world's 1st ...

360° Spatial Audio with the THETA V!

9 мес. назад

From nature's gentle sounds to music in the streets to your biggest, rowdiest events, catch it all in 360° spatial audio! Check out this video to discover this ...

WOLVES | 360° Horror Film [with Spatial Audio]

1 г. назад

Watch back in Google Chrome or on your Android device with headphones to fully experience spatial audio in 'Wolves.' WOLVES was shot on the Samsung ...

FB360 Spatial Workstation - How to use it

1 г. назад

This is an introduction to to facebook's 360 spatial workstation for 3d audio. A great piece of software, easy to use, sounds great. Facebook?? Well, who knew ...

OZO Audio Demonstration: Hear and Feel the Difference

1 г. назад

Be sure to wear headphones when listening to the content of this video to fully appreciate the difference in spatial awareness when devices are enabled with ...

Spatial Audio 3d

11 г. назад

Surround Audio with Artificial 3d Imagery Synthesis.

American Made Audio - CAS7 - Spatial Audio

11 мес. назад

An interview with Clayton Shaw of Spatial Audio at the 2017 California Audio Show, from

Spatial Audio, Hologram open baffle loudspeaker, Red Dragon Audio, Clayton Shaw

4 г. назад

Please visit for the best high performance product videos on the Internet. We are the premier destination for high end audio ...

How to edit Ambisonic 360 Spatial Audio sound in Adobe Premiere for Zoom H2n workflow tutorial

1 г. назад

Geoff from shows a tutorial video on the workflow for Adobe Premiere for how to capture and process the spatial audio (ambisonic ...