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American truckers : The Ruthless Law of the highways - Documentary

2 г. назад

At the wheel of huge semi-trailers, the American truckers swallow the miles. Their movements are almost as animated as those of the cowboys of the Far West.


2 мес. назад

24 IDIOT AMERICAN TRUCKERS USA TRUCKING FAILS 2018 Click the link to SUBSCRIBE: Please use this video as an educational ...

3 Things You Need To Know That Truckers Never Talk About

2 г. назад

ALL PRODUCTS DISCUSSED IN THIS VIDEO can be found here: Share this with everyone with this ...

A Truckers View of Idiots - Compilation

1 г. назад

A Truckers View of Idiots - Compilation Listen to TalkCDL Trucking Podcast on: ITUNES: GOOGLE PLAY: Listen on ...

Truckers Life

1 мес. назад


2 г. назад

Confira o vídeo da galera que roda no inferno gelado no Alaska, nos postos de pesquisa da Antartica e nas estradas do norte da Rússia. Imagens: Conheça o ...

We Are Truckers

3 г. назад

Show trucks at work going in style across Europe.

Flairs - Truckers Delight (Official music video)

9 г. назад

3rd side on Youtube : suscribe here Flairs, SWEAT SYMPHONY / Order on 3rd Side Records Flairs on ...

Russian truckers vs highway bandits

6 г. назад

Author of the video stopped his truck on the road to change the wheel. 3 bandits on blue Lada tryed to get ~$100 out of trucker for "crossing their territory".

Female Truckers on the Road | Journal Reporters

5 г. назад

The world of long haul trucking is traditionally a profession dominated by men. But, increasingly, women are invading this "man's world." More Reporters: ...

4819 Why truckers choose Pilot/Flying J

1 г. назад

JBG TRAVELS Po Box 1193 Sheboygan, WI 53082 Paypal acct.

Truckers in Europe (Romanian subtitles)

3 г. назад

Always on the go, always hunted customers, thousands of kilometers from their loved ones, truckers do not have an easy life, but these kings of the road would ...

Trucker - Wenn der Lkw das Zuhause ist | 7 Tage | NDR

11 мес. назад

70 Prozent unserer Waren werden per Lkw transportiert. Ohne sie wären die Supermarktregale leer. Wie ist das Leben als Fahrer, wenn man immer unterwegs ...

Gebet eines Truckers

9 г. назад

Tom Astor Gebet eines Truckers.

The job of Truckers in wild Outback Australia - Documentary

11 мес. назад

Documentary - Biggest vesves longest semi tractor trailers on the worst roads through the vast Outback of Australia. Posted in several PARTS. NEW IMPROVED ...

Ice Road Truckers?? My Ass! - Norway Trucking - WV 03 -William de Zeeuw

1 г. назад

Hey Ho Let's go! Ice Road Truckers, worthless show! Wide lakes, always on chains, not driving over 25 mp/h. Wow! Try Norway. Steep mountain narrow road ...

Mega Truckers : Heavy Haulage Australia in Bendigo

4 г. назад

On Tue 11/11/14, 5 HHA trucks arrived in Bendigo to move a ring gear for a drag line crane to Blackwater, in Queensland. The video shows 4 of the trucks ...

Things Only Real Truckers Will Find Funny 🚚

5 мес. назад

Truckers have always been known to have a good sense of humor, and this funny compilation on the open road can prove it. Let's enjoy together these things ...

Entitled Princess Truckers

4 мес. назад

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Truckers stop pursuit

11 г. назад

Truckers help police stop a dangerous chase and may have possibly saved lives that day. This IS the real video guys!! If you want to see the fake video, ...