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The Hymn of Heroes - 2D Musical

4 меc назад

A totally improvised crowd intro tune Made with my second family, my heroes 2D Musical Main Vocals by: Yael Kozenyuk Arielle Baum Asia Greenberg Efrat ...

Fantastic Beats & Where to find them

5 меc назад

Happy birthday Harry! With the new "Fantastic Beasts" movie on the way I'm releasing this little Harry Potter theme mix I made a while ago Links: My Website: ...

The Queen of Serpents

5 меc назад

I made this track as a theme for a boss character. An ancient queen of a long lost civilization, preserved by sorcery. She lures you into her tomb slowly ...

One Sad Clown

5 меc назад

The Main theme I wrote for the production of "He who gets slapped". The circus in the play is not a happy one, backstage we get to see the struggles of each and ...

Magic Rage - 2D Musical

6 меc назад

And today ladies and gentlemen: A battle theme from 2D Musical - Magic Rage. This battle theme combines the musical motifs of 2 characters: Desu-Chan's - a ...

Miner's Groove

6 меc назад

An underground jam! Heavily inspired by old school video game levels, added some character with oriental instruments and jazz licks. Hope you like! Links: My ...

Star Fishing

6 меc назад

A chill jam for summer! Links: My Website: https://avivyeyni.wixsite.com/avivyeyni My SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/aviv-yeyni My Facebook Page: ...

One Way Ticket - כרטיס הלוך

6 меc назад

An old song of mine about the arrogance of frequent travelers. For some reason I'm always having trouble finding the right lyrics, But when someone annoys me.

The Lion's Den

6 меc назад

Another one of my favorite tracks from the "He who gets slapped" Project. In this scene Consuela and Zenieda are fighting backstage. This track is heavily ...


7 меc назад

A short jam inspired by SPACE! I tried translating a space walk into music. Big resonant sounds & lots of reverb should do the trick! Maybe some sad harmonic ...

Gotta Go Fast! - 2D Musical

7 меc назад

Gotta describe fast! The 2D Musical Poster was created by Eudetenis. This track was composed as a character theme for 'Uzo!' from 2D Musical - The most ...

Tinker Toys

7 меc назад

IT'S TINKER TIME! I've been waiting to post this track for a long time now. In my head, I imagined a few sections of a robotic zoo level of a video game. I won't lie, ...

He Who Gets Clapped

7 меc назад

I'm back with a new design and some new jams too! I'm gonna be doing my best to upload tunes weekly from now on :) This Avatar was drawn by Shirley Lanyi ...

מעבר לגבול - Beyond the Border

2 лет назад

Some things cannot be left unsaid Syria's situation is not getting better I have been working on this for long enough I hope this song will be able to help those in ...

Smiley - A Positive Short Piece

2 лет назад

Thanks for listening! Filmed by - Guy Marraton Composed, Performed & Edited by - Aviv Yeyni Recorded in - Keoss Studios Live (Tel Aviv) Additional Thanks to: ...

Clockwork - Original Soundtrack

3 лет назад

This is a track I have been working on for the past few months. I really like the concept of a big clock, full of shiny spinning cogs, that watches through the ...

The Legend of Korra - Ending\Avatar State Remix Ft. Arielle

4 лет назад

A new Avatar Remix! Special thanks to the talented Arielle for lending me her lovely voice! We hope you'll enjoy! Aviv - JazzFez.

Royals - a Funkey Lorde Cover

4 лет назад

This is one of my dad's favorite songs so I'm dedicating this cover to his birthday ^^ Hope you like it! Have a good day! Aviv - JazzFez.

Rayman 3 - The Magic Hoodoo Theme Cover

4 лет назад

A new - all nighter cover just for you ^^ Hope you like it! Such a catchy tune! Have a good day! Aviv - JazzFez.

Golden 5 - Take 5 + Golden Brown Mashup!

4 лет назад

A new mashup cover for: * Take Five - Dave Brubeck's * Golden Brown - Stranglers Hope you'll enjoy! Have a good day Aviv - JazzFez.

Sword art online 2 OP - "Ignite" Cover

4 лет назад

Hello there! This is my new Sword art online Opening Cover :) If you like it, please Like, Comment, Share & Subscribe for more content. Special thanks to Daniel ...