Audwin Short

A Piece Of My Heart, jingle bell rock 2

5 мес. назад

This is part two of the first video. Dancing is fun and stuff.

A Piece of my Heart, jingle bell rock 1

5 мес. назад

Every play should have dance routines. Practice makes perfect, I guess. A Piece Of My Heart is coming in April!

Yay! Fox 6 News shows love for Rosie the Riveter...

11 мес. назад

Quick segment from Fox News 6 on Labor Day showing Alice Wilson Living Statue as Rosie the Riveter.

Woman giggling and laughing on a foot massager...

12 мес. назад

At the Milwaukee State Fair, my friend got a bad case of the giggles on one of those quarter foot massager. She couldn't stop laughing, it was hilarious!

Planet Earth Scenes-- VR version

1 г. назад

Explore the Planet Earth and all of it's amazing scenery! This Virtual Reality (VR) version is great for you VR fans and very relaxing as well... More fun to come.

VALERIAN Final VR Trailer Extended 2017

1 г. назад

If you like Virtual Reality, prepare for more uploads like these. The Extended Trailer for Valerian is awesome! Put on your VR glasses and enjoy...

Alice Wilson as Ben Franklin, Bastille Days Milwaukee

1 г. назад

Alice Wilson Living Statue is wowing audiences as Benjamin Franklin! Most people don't know that Benjamin Franklin was the first U.S. Diplomat to France.

Iron Man Mark II Test Flight -- VR version

1 г. назад

In true Ironman fashion, this is me testing my new Virtual Reality software for converting Videos and Movie clips to be viewed on VR glasses. I'm going to be ...

Latinos protest 287g in Milwaukee...

2 г. назад

On February 13th, there was a major protest in Milwaukee's downtown area called Day Without Latinos. The protest focused on stopping Sheriff Clark (#1 ... -- Online tour guide for Milwaukee!

2 г. назад is is a website and user-friendly App that helps visitors and residents of Milwaukee to find the best Events, Restaurants and Nightlife in town...

Final Night of Milwaukee Fashion Week 2016! Part 2...

2 г. назад

And that's a wrap! The last designer (and their models) to end the show for Milwaukee Fashion Week 2016. Same time next year?

Final Night of Milwaukee Fashion Week 2016! Part 1...

2 г. назад

Fashion Week has come and gone in Milwaukee and last night was the final night for 2016...

Big Bang (US Bank) Fireworks Milwaukee 2016

2 г. назад

Big Bang Fireworks 2016 near the Milwaukee Art Museum sponsored by US Bank. It was awesome! The show made the museum wings look like the Batman ...

Confidence is Everything Fashion Show in Milwaukee

2 г. назад

The "Confidence is Everything" Fashion Show showcased the best models and local African-American Designers in Milwaukee! The show was June 23rd 2016 ...

Big Freedia at Milwaukee Pridefest!

2 г. назад

Big Freedia performing "Twerk-a-Mein" at Milwaukee Pridefest... Bootyshaking everywhere!

I'm gonna knock you out! -- Batman vs Superman Mashup...

2 г. назад

Batman and Superman mashup of "Momma Said Knock You Out". It's awesome with the original voices... Winner: Wonder Woman.

The Return of Mystery Science Fiction 3000!...Yes.

3 г. назад

Uh, read the title and watch the video. I can't do everything for you... Slacker.

Sensory Cube 2: Electric Boogaloo... Sleep Aid.

3 г. назад

For everyone who can't sleep, this cube works! On sale soon!! Within minutes, your brain will shut off from the pretty colors, and you'll be snoring like a ...

Milwaukee's Big Bang Fireworks 2015...

3 г. назад

The Finale of the Big Bang Fireworks on opening day of Summerfest. It was awesome!

Funny Bedtime Story: Splash Pond

3 г. назад

My friend read this bedtime story to her boys... 5 times. Each time she does the funny voice. They like it that way. Kids are awesome...

Milwaukee Bucks Summer Block Party... Cool!

3 г. назад

The Milwaukee Bucks does a huge block Party to build team spirit and introduce the new Bucks uniforms. Go Bucks!!