Tiny Tank (360 VR video!)

2 нед. назад

50% Tiny, 50% Tank // This is 3d! If you have a VR device & headphones - get them out! CREDITS to the amazing people involved below! Created in partnership ...

CHALK WARFARE as a GAME?! SoKrispyMedia 2017 Recap + What's Ahead!

6 мес. назад

Here's a recap of what went on in 2017 and a glimpse of what we want to do in 2018! We're looking forward to it! Instagram! @sokrispymedia Twitter!

Backpack Themepark

9 мес. назад

We attempted to steal a theme park in a backpack. Click bait? Not click bait? You'll have to watch and see as we attempt to keep with the times and YouTube ...

The Sword and the PWN'd

1 г. назад

Who knew metal detecting could be so dangerous? Add us on Snapchat! @sokrispymedia Music by Mason Bayne! Twitter!

Internet Surfer (VR video!) ft. Zach King & Corridor

1 г. назад

Follow Eric as he's sucked into his Grandma's computer! Thanks to all the awesome internet creators involved with this! Collaborators! Jamie Costa, Corridor ...

Building a Monster! (VR ready PC!)

2 г. назад

We're VR ready! Thanks to Intel for sponsoring this video and hooking us up with some awesome tech! Links! Facebook! ...

REAL 3d Printing!

2 г. назад

Printer? Print her?! This is what real 3d printing looks like! Facebook! Twitter! Second ...

Reacting to Our Old Videos! Live Stream Re-upload!

2 г. назад

The stream is over, but here is a re-upload! Kickback and hangout with us as we watch some of our oldest videos, and ask us anything in the process!

Livestream Announcement! Our Old Videos + Commentary + Q&A!

2 г. назад

This Saturday, at 12 noon PST, you're cordially invited to watch some classics! That's right, the cringy content we used to make before SoKrispyMedia! Kick back ...

MindCraft | The Real Life MineCraft Mod

2 г. назад

Eric played a bit too much MineCraft. It's gotten to his head. Click to Tweet! Sorry for the delayed upload! Lots of new content this summer!

The Deadliest in the West - Live Stream Re-upload

2 г. назад

Check out the original video! Thanks for all who tuned in to the stream! Here's a reupload of what happened!

The Deadliest in the West

2 г. назад

This town ain't big enough for the two of us! Find out who's the deadliest in the west...virtually! Check out what happened in the live stream: ...

Real Life Snapchat Filters

2 г. назад

Click to tweet! This new Snapchat update is pretty insane! What would you guys do with it? Like our content? Subscribe! Support us on Patreon!

SKM Channel Trailer

2 г. назад

Welcome to SoKrispyMedia! Like what you see? Be sure to subscribe to be updated of our newest content! Like our content? Support us on Patreon!

Stick Figure Battle - Live Stream Re-upload

2 г. назад

Live Stream for the upload has ended - here's an upload of the hangout! Watch the original Vid! Turn on ...

Stick Figure Battle

2 г. назад

Don't doodle in class, guys! Please share this if you enjoyed it! Like our content? Support us on Patreon! Here's a ...

Channel Surfer (360 VR Video!)

2 г. назад

Consider backing us on Patreon! There's rewards! Follow Eric through TV shows in 360! Be sure to watch on your phone in the ...

Mouse Trap

3 г. назад

Consider backing us on Patreon! There's rewards! Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete. Be sure to click share if you enjoyed this! Click to ...

Security Cam (360 VR video!)

3 г. назад

Consider backing us on Patreon! There's rewards! Our first 360 video! Experience a cop chase from a security camera! Be sure ...

First Person Super Smash Bros.

3 г. назад

Consider backing us on Patreon! There's rewards! Real Smash Bros like you've never seen it before! Be sure to share the fun!

Storm Troopers Attack!

3 г. назад

You can never trust a stormtrooper! Videoblocks Trial! Follow us on Social Media! Facebook!