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The Best 2018 Car Throttle Moments, & RX-8 Series Teaser!

7 дн назад

We've had a fun 2018 with ambitious project cars, cool collabs and a new season of comedy. To celebrate, we've collected all of our - and your - favourite ...

Stupid Things People Say When Selling A Car

2 нед назад

Here are some of the stupid things you'll hear when selling a used car! SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/CTSubscribe VISIT OUR SHOP: https://shop.carthrottle.com/ ...

The Struggles Of A Car Guy At Christmas

3 нед назад

BUY CHRISTMAS BOX HERE (50% OFF!) http://bit.ly/CTChristmasBox SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/CTSubscribe VISIT OUR SHOP: https://shop.carthrottle.com/ ...

I Bought This BMW 330i For £140: Here’s Everything Wrong With It

3 нед назад

After his love affair with Gareth (the track-ready 330d) Alex has decided to make another E46 purchase. But will there be rust? LastPass: http://bit.ly/CTLastPass.

The Worst Kind Of Driver We've All Encountered

4 нед назад

With so many of us sharing the roads, it's amazing how badly some people still drive. What are your worst experiences? VISIT OUR SHOP: ...

How You React When Non-Car People Drive

1 меc назад

We've all got friends with irritating driving habits, so if this video reminds you of someone, make sure you let them know! VISIT OUR SHOP: ...

Why Car Guys Always Need A Donor Car [ft. ChrisFix]

1 меc назад

This week, Alex surprises Ethan with a new car. Little does he know, it's actually a plot to get donor parts for Phil. Until ChrisFix pays Alex a visit! VISIT OUR ...

How Much Did It Cost To Make An E46 330d Faster Than An E92 M3?

2 меc назад

BUY ALL THE PARTS ON OUR 330d HERE: https://uk.carthrottle.com/pages/car-parts COILOVERS: https://uk.carthrottle.com/collections/coilovers TYRES: ...

Can A Built E46 330d Beat An E92 M3 Around A Lap?

2 меc назад

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How Much Power And Torque Does A Hybrid Turbo Add To A Car?

2 меc назад

BUY CLUTCH AND TURBO PARTS HERE: https://uk.carthrottle.com/collections/hybrid-turbos https://uk.carthrottle.com/collections/clutch-kits Get 10% off all ...

How Much Time Do You Really Save With Weight Reduction?

3 меc назад

BUY INTERIOR PARTS HERE: https://uk.carthrottle.com/pages/interior Get 10% off all parts using 'GARETH10' at checkout! Don't forget to check out our wide ...

How Much Faster Has Chip Tuning Made The 330d?

3 меc назад

BUY YOUR RACECHIP HERE: https://uk.carthrottle.com/pages/racechip-engine-performance-tuning Get 10% off all parts using 'GARETH10' at checkout!

Do Thicker Anti-Roll Bars And Polybushes Make A Car Faster?

3 меc назад

BUY ANTI-ROLL BARS AND POLYBUSHES HERE: https://uk.carthrottle.com/pages/suspension Get 10% off all parts using 'GARETH10' at checkout!

How Much Difference Do Upgraded Brakes Make To Track Performance?

3 меc назад

BUY AFTERMARKET BRAKES HERE: https://uk.carthrottle.com/pages/brakes Get 10% off all parts using 'GARETH10' at checkout! Don't forget to check out our ...

Ghost Squadron: The Koenigsegg Owners With The World’s Fastest Production Car

3 меc назад

Meet the owners behind some of the rarest and fastest Koenigseggs in the world as they make a special journey to Exotics on Cannery Row in Monterey.

How Much Difference Do Sticky Tyres Make To Lap Times?

4 меc назад

BUY AFTERMARKET WHEELS HERE: https://uk.carthrottle.com/collections/wheels Get 10% off all parts using 'GARETH10' at checkout! Don't forget to check out ...

This Lady Built A Secret Porsche Collection

4 меc назад

Lisa Taylor swapped horses for Porsches and built her own secret collection, including a 1973 911 Carrera RS and a Ruby Star GT3RS. This is her story.

What Difference Do Coilovers Actually Make To Ride And Handling?

4 меc назад

This week we swap out the 330d's standard suspension with a brand new set of Eibach Pro Street S coilovers. BUY COILOVERS AND SUSPENSION ...

Can A BMW E46 330d Keep Up With An E92 M3 On Track?

4 меc назад

In this series we will be using parts from the Car Throttle Shop to build an M3 killer 330d! BUY AFTERMARKET PARTS AND ACCESSORIES HERE: ...

Driving My Dream Attainable Car: The BMW Z3 M

4 меc назад

Alex attended the Goodwood Festival of Speed to chat to owners about their pride and joys and to also drive his attainable dream car, the awesome BMW Z3 M!

Finishing The Sublime MX-5 V6 Conversion & First Exhaust Noise

4 меc назад

In the final episode of this series, Gareth and Alex finish the V6 conversion and attempt to get the car moving! SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/CTSubscribe BUY CAR ...