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Carnival unveils first roller coaster at sea

38 мин назад

A giant new ship on order for Carnival Cruise Line will boast a deck-top roller coaster. Carnival president Christine Duffy tells USA TODAY the line plans one of ...

Bomb threats e-mailed nationwide

40 мин назад

A torrent of bomb threats emailed to universities, businesses, schools and news outlets Thursday from New York City to San Francisco sent police departments ...

CDC tackles dockless scooter safety in new study

2 ча назад

In a first-of-its-kind study, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating dockless scooters' health and safety risks. A team of CDC ...

The 2018 midterms wave of women missed Republicans

3 ча назад

While the 2018 midterm elections have been called "the year of the woman," that was only true for Democrats. Republican women actually lost ground.

NFL prospects to watch in upcoming bowl games

3 ча назад

SportsPulse: USA TODAY Sports' Paul Myerberg tells us which players to watch who could soon hear their names called at the NFL Draft.

Lather, rinse, repeat: lessons from a kitten

7 ча назад

Never thought we'd learn self-care from a kitten ****************************************************************** Check out more Animalkind stories?! Subscribe to ...

The most beautifully orchestrated eating we’ve ever seen

7 ча назад

Workouts start tomorrow, but first time to get in the last bit of holiday food. ************************************************************ Want even more heartwarming ...

Cat eagerly awaits soldier's homecoming

7 ча назад

This cat knows who's about to walk through the door, and can't wait to see him. ****************************************************************** Check out more ...

Dog gives owner the most amazing side eye

7 ча назад

You don't want to get on this dog's bad side. ****************************************************************** Check out more Animalkind stories?! Subscribe to our ...

Dramatic reunion puts baby sloth back with momma

8 ча назад

A basket full of squishy, squirmy, sunning baby sloths seems cute at first. But they've lost their mothers and reunions are all that rescuers can focus on.

Frostbitten baby goat gets new back legs

8 ча назад

She lost her back legs as a newborn, but now this goat has the fanciest feet around. ****************************************************************** Check out ...

10-year-old strikes a chord with shelter animals

8 ча назад

Hearing her sweet voice not only makes these pups more relaxed. It gives them a better chance of being adopted.

Maria Butina pleads guilty to conspiracy charge

8 ча назад

Russian national Maria Butina pleaded guilty Thursday to conspiring to act as an agent for the Kremlin without registering in the U.S. Under the plea agreement, ...

Three legged dog reunites with loving owners

8 ча назад

No one knows what this senior three-legged chihuahua has been up to the past few years ****************************************************************** Check ...

Geminid meteor shower, one of the year's best to watch

8 ча назад

There's a cool doubleheader in outer space this week: In addition to the fly-by of comet 46P/Wirtanen over the weekend, the often spectacular Geminid meteor ...

We can't believe what this swan is doing to these fish

9 ча назад

Hungry koi fish are swarming around the banks of a stream where a black swan stands near the edge. The black swan has something they want.

Get breathtakingly close to life in the wild

9 ча назад

The people who film wild animals for documentaries like this one, become emotionally attached to the animals they come to know. But life in the wilderness is full ...

We've never seen such an odd traffic jam

9 ча назад

A couple driving through Colorado came upon an unlikely traffic jam. ****************************************************************** Check out more Animalkind ...

6 animals who grieved the loss of their humans

9 ча назад

Humans mourn the loss of loved ones, but what happens to the animals who lose their humans?

'He was just scared': Texas officers catch boy jumping from fire

9 ча назад

A boy put his trust in Texas police officers and jumped from a second-story window to escape an apartment fire. Do you like what you see? Subscribe to our ...

Scientists freak out over what they find deep in the ocean

10 ча назад

A seldom seen "Dumbo octopus" was spotted floating like a ghost in an underwater volcano, stunning scientists.