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Medhant Agrawal

360 VR Video

3 меc назад

360 VR Video Made by Medhant. Made using Game Cities Skyline, Microsoft ICE, Premier Pro, Photoshop. Not supported by iPhone!!!

Shot of city in Cities Skyline

9 меc назад

Shot of city in Cities Skyline By ME.

Hacker in cs:go what can you do?

2 лет назад

steam profile link of hacker http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198312130653/ we surrendered in 9th round. Please share and ask everyone to report ...

Promo for IT cup jodhpur

2 лет назад

Some random funny movements :)

2 лет назад

Hope you enjoy some of the funny moments. Alex channel = the idiot at 0.53 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTLw5Vj1oUi5NogcS5XYCxg Other games:- ...

cs:go funny parts and a surprise

2 лет назад

some of the cs:go funny moments and a special moment from another game. Game CS:GO 2012.

cs:go funny movments

2 лет назад

some of the funny moments in cs like and share if you like the video. CS:GO 2012 Game.

Just Another casual CS:GO

2 лет назад

this is hoe cs was meant to be played jk .... hope you like it game:CS:GO 2012.


2 лет назад

just having some fun in cs go and its in hindi enjoy... GAME - counter strike :GO 2012.

PRO flash

2 лет назад

PRO flash in CS:GO game:Counter strike GO 2012.

When opponent team gifts you sniper and ............

2 лет назад

I never buy a sniper rifle becoz....... Than-xx to all those who were playing with me . Counter strike G.O 2012.

When Pro plays on casual server CS:go

2 лет назад

Just a clutch at casual server AlexTRONIC Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTLw5Vj1oUi5NogcS5XYCxg Game : Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ...

Sneaking in cs:go on Eco round

2 лет назад

Sneaking in cs:go on Eco round like share subscribe comment .

gun portfolio

3 лет назад

this a portfolio submission for my collage please like the video.

gun try by medhant

3 лет назад

this is a assault rifle try in maya and rendered using mental ray its a basic pass all the passes combine and separately would be uploaded later. share and ...

Gigabyte G1 gaming gtx 960 4gb unboxing and overview.

3 лет назад

Gigabyte G1 gaming gtx 960 4gb unboxing and overview. And performance benchmark and all will be posted soon.....

Digital painting in photoshop - must watch

3 лет назад

My digital painting work in less than 20 sec.

A triple role video made in premier - must watch

3 лет назад

Its a short edited film with triple roll all the work on clip is done in premier pro only. Pls subscribe - share.

A time laps of 6 hrs of sky and mumbai local train

3 лет назад

It time laps shot from my home window from 2 pm to 8 pm and shot from a normal low budget smartphone. Just watch it once you will like it - please subscribe ...

Fear calling - it's a fantasy short film

3 лет назад

It's a fantasy short film one must watch nice small short dream can cause tension. Please subscribe. Share.