Radical Impact

Virtual Reality in Museums

4 мес. назад Radical VR is a global provider of educational and interactive virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) solutions for the museum market.

Colosseum Virtual Reality Exhibit at the Canadian War Museum

3 г. назад

Radical VR presented, "Colosseum, A Virtual Reality Exhibit" at the Canadian War Museum. For more information please visit,"

Radical VR, "Colosseum Lives" at AAM Expo 2015 Atlanta

3 г. назад

To learn more visit: Radical VR was at American Alliance of Museums 2015 Expo in Atlanta showcasing "Colosseum Lives". Here are ...

Ancient Colosseum: A Virtual reality experience with Oculus Rift

3 г. назад What if you could visit ancient Rome? Radical VR offers museum visitors a front-row seat to a gladiator match in the Roman ...

Character Animation

5 г. назад

Documentary CGI :Little Nelly You only Live Twice

6 г. назад From carrying atomic bombs over the North Pole to flying over live volcanoes as Sean ...

Documentary Animation: Japanese Submarine I 400

6 г. назад CGI animation and visual effects have now become an integral part of the documentary industry. CGI is now ...

Timelapse Animation: Mississuaga City Centre 25 Year Celebrations

6 г. назад Titra is a project of City of Mississauga, a collaboration between an interactive aritst Faisal ...

Radical Impact VFX show reel

6 г. назад Radical Impact is dedicated to working with film and video producers from all over the world to ...