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360 Degree Jurassic Dinosaur Park CGI Movie - "A T-Rex Named June" Google Cardboard VR

2 лет назад

Witness the Cretaceous Era In 360 degrees! Or is is Jurassic Era? I don't know. Want some fish? This is a CGI comedy short in 360 degrees! Weirdly enough, it ...

Walk Among Kaiju - CGI Animated Horror/Action Short 2015: Giant Monster Action HD

3 лет назад

CGI: When a demonic force threatens us all, a sex worker is force to confront the monster - and the monsters within herself.

Hostage Negotiations

5 лет назад

"I just don't do well with sarcasm." Don't you hate it when your best friend gets taken hostage by a bunch of post - apocalyptic anarchists & overcharge you just to ...

The Truth About University

5 лет назад

Many people my age are on their way to obtaining a college education. Along with the struggles with the current job market & unemployment, there is, of course, ...