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The Hyksos @ The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC (Biblical Hebrews coming into Egypt)

3 дн. назад

The Hyksos @ The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC (Biblical Hebrews coming into Egypt)

Zion Lexx’s Medu Neter 𓊹𓌃𓂧𓅱𓀁𓏪 Demonstration

3 нед. назад

Zion Lexx's Medu Neter 𓊹𓌃𓂧𓅱𓀁𓏪 Demonstration as it relates to challenging several unfounded claims made by Kemetic students, teachers, as well as there ...

Zion Lexx Interview tonight at 7:30pm on Solar Vision ITBM2 with Solar Mind on YouTube

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Tonight @ 7:30 pm , I'll be on #SolarVision #ITBM2 doing a #MeduNeter 𓊹𓌃𓂧𓅱𓀁𓏪 demonstration as it relates to several #misappropriated and #unfounded ...

Women are Natural teachers as they are “Gifted” with Speech

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Women are gifted with #speech. Eve's name in #Biblical #Hebrew is #Chawah חוה, it's related to a name used throughout #West #Africa (#Ghana, #Nigeria, ...

My response to Mfundishi is gonna be Epic at the Origins of Civilization Tour August 12th 2018

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My response to these #fallacious claims is gonna be #Epic, but you gotta come to: The #Origins of #Civilization #Tour at the #Metropolitan #Museum of #Art if ...

The Up & Coming Origins of Civilization Tour at the Metropolitan of Art in NYC

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The Origins of Civilization Tour will be held at the: Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC on August 12th, 2018. The Tour will consist of: Identifying the Signs of ...

Zion Lexx addresses Ashra Kwesi’s claim of European ancestry of the Hyksos

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When you can #read & #interpret for yourself, No one can deceive or misinform you... #Knowledge is Truly #Power.

Ancient Kemet was very Religious

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Ancient, Kemet, Religious, Egypt, Hotep, Saneter Tv, Blacknews 102,

Passover 2018 in Nigeria, Africa

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When coming for the Bible goes Wrong...

5 мес. назад

Zion Lexx Cross Examines Kemetic Priest on the Veracity & Integrity of Kemetic Literature.