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6 мес. назад

We have just got the HTC VIVE FOCUS from China and wanted to let you know all about it! You will be able to find our full written review on our website link ...

HTC Vive Focus Standalone VR Headset Unboxing!

5 мес. назад

The First Standalone VR Headset I've Ever Unboxed... The HTC Vive Focus is a 600 dollars HMD that makes use of inside-out tracking. It's powered by a ...

HTC Vive Focus hands-on

8 мес. назад

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Vive Focus Headset Review

6 мес. назад

Check out our review of the HTC Vive Focus Headset.

关于HTC Vive Focus VR一体机,这可能是你看过最全面也最严格的测评

4 мес. назад

自Vive Focus推出后,业界总有一种声音,Gear VR是手机VR的标杆,Vive Focus是VR一体机的标杆。是不是标杆,我们还是先来体验。

《值不值得买》第248期:到更大的舞台玩游戏 VIVE Focus

1 мес. назад

我觉得,要不了多久,刀剑神域那样的场景,一定会成为现实! 感谢网友Chengming Wang 为我们翻译本期节目============= 注意:我们不是评测,是体验!...

IT'S COMING TO THE US! | Vive Focus Global Launch Thoughts (VR News)

5 мес. назад

More VR news time. The Vive Focus is officially having a global launch. Here are my thoughts! More HTC Vive Vids - Thanks for watching!

Oculus Go vs. HTC Vive Focus

2 мес. назад

Wir waren in der letzten Woche mit der Oculus Go und der HTC Vive Focus unterwegs und berichten euch von unseren Eindrücken.

Lenovo Mirage vs. HTC Vive Focus vs. Occipital Bridge vs. Oculus Go

3 мес. назад

Virtual Reality stand-alone HMD's review! Oculus Go Lenovo Mirage Occipital Bridge Vive Focus The Pico Neo did not arrive in time. Other headsets on the ...

VIVE Focus & U12+ 連動功能展示

3 мес. назад

VIVE Focus & U12+ 連動功能展示.

PROBAMOS HTC VIVE FOCUS | Características y Primeras Impresiones

5 мес. назад

Probamos HTC Vive Focus en el Mobile World Congress de Barcelona y os damos nuestras primeras impresiones. ▻ Patreon: ...


5 мес. назад

So between moving and setting up our new studio here is our comparison of the HTC Vive Focus VS Samsung GearVR. We hope you found it informative, let us ...

Playing Beat Saber on Vive Focus headset

2 мес. назад

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Vive focus review

1 мес. назад

Jesper from takes a look at HTC's first vision of a stand-alone-headset. Will it impress our physical therapist and can we use it for physical ...

Wireless Vive Focus running Desktop SteamVR

3 мес. назад

Using VRidge 2.0 (RiftCat) Download the Cliffside Pavilion Demo here:

VIVE Focus vs Oculus Go vs Gear VR: Best for 360VR video Professionals

2 мес. назад

Part 2: - Today, we are comparing HTC VIVE Focus with Facebook Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR Headsets to find out which ...

😯📦 HTC Vive Focus Live 360 Review! Not Available in the U.S.

4 мес. назад Gimbal Guru 360°: Twitter: Instagram: ...

【评测】VIVE FOCUS VR 一体机上手体验:亲民享受沉浸世界

5 мес. назад

作为VR 领域的明星选手,HTC VIVE 这次将VIVE FOCUS 定位到大众市场。无需连接电脑手机的一体化设计,即提高了产品的便携性,同时也降低了用户高价...

VoodooDE testet die HTC Vive Focus - Wie gut ist das Standalone Headest? [Virtual Reality]

5 мес. назад

[Zugehörige Playlist] [Größte deutsche VR Discord Community] [VoodooDE Steam Kurator] ...

Todo sobre HTC VIVE FOCUS | Unboxing y Características

2 мес. назад

Unboxing de HTC Vive Focus, Datos, Características y Conclusiones en Español. ▻ Patreon: ▻ Discord: ...

「探物」HTC首款VR一体机上手体验 HTC VIVE Focus

5 мес. назад

Vive Focus搭载高通835芯片方案,基于安卓系统运行,支持inside-out追踪以及6DOF大空间移动,采用分辨率为2880 x 1600 的AMOLED屏幕,达到3K级别,视场角 ...