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Tom Cruise Forces James Corden to Skydive

6 меc назад

After taking some shots at Tom Cruise doing his own stunts and skydives in "Mission: Impossible - Fallout," Tom takes James to the California desert to show him ...

Skydiving over the Bahamas - Best jumps of 2018

10 меc назад

Here is the latest video of the past couple of months of jumps. I had a chance to go over to the Bahamas and jump which was amazing, the second half of the ...

Skydive Dubai - May 2011

8 лет назад

One week of skydiving over one of the most beautiful drop zone of the world... Skydive Dubaï Part 2 - January 2012 is now available ...

GoPro: Helicopter Skydive

4 лет назад

Patrick Remington and friends take a short helicopter ride above Pensacola, Florida then hang off the copter for a moment before skydiving to Navarre Beach.

Skydiving Without Parachute - Antti Pendikainen

3 лет назад

Skydiving Without Parachute - Antti Pendikainen Subscribe to our channel: Follow us: ...

What Skydiving Taught Me About Fear | STORYTIME

9 меc назад

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” - Franklin D. Roosevelt. Subscribe for more from Will Smith: WATCH MORE: Best Of Will Smith: ...

freefall feat. jan johnston-skydive orig mix

10 лет назад

freefall feat. jan johnston-skydive orig mix renaissance recordings 2000 (1998 on stress)

Skydiving into the Blue Hole, Belize

6 лет назад The ultimate skydive in my 22 years of jumping! Exit from 13500 feet in PERFECT weather conditions (ie endless blue skies, puffy clouds ...


2 лет назад

[MV] B.A.P _ SKYDIVE *English subtitles are now available. :D (Please click on 'CC' button or activate 'Interactive Transcript' function) :: iTunes ...

First time SKYDIVING!

5 лет назад

Tandem skydive at DC Skydiving Center in Warrenton, VA in August 2013. More adventures at

The best skydive jumps of December 2017

1 лет назад

Here is a short little video of my friends and I just having fun. Hope you enjoy it.

Why I skydive and other crazy memories (A tribute to friends)

6 лет назад

If you asked me why I skydive, this is the closest thing to an answer that I could give you. These are some of my skydiving memories mostly from this past year.

Skydive Dubai - April 2018

10 меc назад

My first skydive ever! Thank you so much Skydive Dubai! April 4, 2018.

Skydive Dubai!! i went skydiving today!!!!!!! Happy Birthday to Me!!

2 лет назад

Today i turned 30!!! you only turn 30 only turn every age once, but thats not the point!! lol So i decided i was gonna turn 30 in a big way......i ...

PEOPLE ARE AWESOME (Skydiving Edition 2018 )

1 лет назад

LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE ♥ ===================================================== Hope You Enjoyed This Video! Remember ...

C17 Globemaster Skydive 2017

1 лет назад

This is the edit of GoPro camera footage from from our C-17 Globemaster jump. 100 skydivers got the chance to jump a C-17 globemaster out of RAAF Base ...

World Record Group Skydive: 164-Person Formation

3 лет назад

CLICK to see how they did it: 164 jumpers, 7 planes, 175mph, and a new world record! A hand-picked group of pro and ...

Top 10 Skydiving Places In The World

10 меc назад

Today I'm Showing You... Top 10 Skydiving Places In The World ▻ Help Us By Using Our Partners ◅ - Book Hotels/Flights With Agoda ...

Haley King's Tandem skydive!

6 лет назад

Haley King's tandem skydive.

Asking Uber Drivers to Skydive on the Spot!!

8 меc назад

If you were in that Lyft line, would you have said YES? Thank you to our good friends at Skydive Perris for another amazing skydiving experience. If you want to ...