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Real Life Asteroid Impact in VR | Asteroid Day

1 лет назад

Witness the extraordinary journey of the meteor that caused the largest asteroid impact in recorded history, in an immersive VR experience that will leave you ...

Warning of space rock APOCALYPSE on Brian May's World Asteroid Day - DAILY NEWS

3 меc назад

Warning of space rock APOCALYPSE on Brian May's World Asteroid Day AN ASTEROID apocalypse is on course to wipe out humanity, it has sensationally ...

World Asteroid Day: Are we living on borrowed time?

1 лет назад

Scientists have only discovered a tiny fraction of the asteroids capable of hitting Earth. On World Asteroid Day, they're focusing on how to find even more.

Asteroid Day 2017

1 лет назад

Asteroid Day is a UN sanctioned global day of education to raise awareness about asteroids and in particular how we can protect Earth from asteroid impacts.

Asteroid Day 2016 - Press Conference

3 лет назад

Asteroid Day, a global movement to increase knowledge and awareness of asteroids, announced its plans for 2016 from a press conference hosted at ESA's ...

VR: Turps Experiences An Asteroid Strike! | Asteroid Day 2017

1 лет назад

The Yogscast's CEO Mark Turpin tests out our Virtual Reality recreation of the Tunguska event - the biggest recorded asteroid strike event which occurred in ...

News: Asteroid Day launch with Brian May 3 Dec 2014

4 лет назад

Scientists want asteroid strike threat taken seriously. Brian May was among the presenters at a Press Conference to launch Asteroid Day. As reported by ITV ...

360° Video: Chelyabinsk Meteor | California Academy of Sciences

2 лет назад

Make an explosive entry into Earth's atmosphere in this stereoscopic 360° video of the Chelyabinsk meteor's arrival in February 2013—an immersive scene from ...

NASA's plan to save Earth from a giant asteroid

10 меc назад

Don't panic. Subscribe to our channel! 65 million years ago, a large asteroid collided with Earth near present-day Chicxulub, Mexico.

First-Ever Asteroid Day Declared As Mountain-Sized Asteroid Comes Close To Earth

3 лет назад

Some astronomers have declared June 30th as Asteroid Day to bring attention to the threat of medium-sized asteroids that could potentially wipe out whole cities ...

Asteroid day

2 лет назад

June 30 is Asteroid Day, a global awareness effort to promote asteroids and discussion around what can be done to protect our planet from impacts, but there ...

Brian May Asteroid Day can help protect the planet

1 лет назад

TO SUBSCRIBE to this Channel please visit: Brian May explains how the danger of asteroids and how Asteroid Day No copyright claimed ...

Asteroid Day 2016: Scott Manley

3 лет назад

Scott Manley talks about the importance of Asteroid Day during the Asteroid Day 2016 Press Conference. Please Credit: "Asteroid Day" and link to ...

Asteroid Day: These are some of the events happening in the world.

1 лет назад

Asteroid Day: These are some of the events happening in the world. Today is Asteroid Day, when universities, museums and observatories around the world are ...

Asteroid Day

3 меc назад

This is 4th writing project organized by Chinthaka Nanayakkara. This one is based on the World Asteroid Day that is due on 30th June 2018.

Cosmic Journeys - Day of the Asteroid

2 лет назад

Asteroids racing through the solar system have smashed into Earth before. What are the chances we'll get hit again? Armed with new defensive technologies, ...

UN Proclaims June 30 as International Asteroid Day

2 лет назад

On December 6, 2016, the United Nations proclaimed that June 30th will now be International Asteroid Day.

NUI Galway marks World Asteroid Day

1 лет назад

Scientists from the Centre of Astronomy at NUI Galway marked World Asteroid Day today (30 June) with almost 100 students from 4th, 5th and 6th class at ...

What an Asteroid Impact Would Look Like Today

3 меc назад

Leading up to World Asteroid Day 2018 we take a look at how damaging an asteroid impact could be to our modern day lives. To find out more about Asteroid ...

How Asteroids Really Killed The Dinosaurs - Part 2 | Last Day Of The Dinosaurs

1 лет назад

Did you know that if the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs from the face of the Earth would have hit another location, they may still be alive? The shallow ...