Komodo dragons captured in 360 VR for the very first time!

The first time we saw Komodo dragons in real life was a humbling and very exciting moment. We had seen this majestic creature plenty of times in wildlife documentaries but never thought we would see them up this close in real life!

As we reached the shore of Rinca island with our small speedboat the dragons picked up our scent and dove straight into the water to come for us. It’s possible they smelled the sandwiches we brought for lunch, but it felt more like they figured we were on the menu ;).

The Komodo dragon is the largest living species of lizard. They are notorious predators that kill by ambushing their prey and inflicting a bite with a deadly cocktail of venom and bacteria. The diet of big Komodo dragons mainly consists of deer and carrion. Human attacks are unfortunately not uncommon and there have been plenty fatalities throughout history.

It is also vulnerable species that is on the IUCN Red List and although the Komodo National Park was brought to life to protect these animals and their habitat, we have seen massive pollution throughout the park, as we will show in the upcoming film we are working on with The Watermen Project, Blend Media and Marine Megafauna Foundation.

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