Trippy Deep Dream Fractal animation in Full-HD made by Schizo - featuring fantastic music by Solar Fields.
Mandelbulb 3D meets google Deep Dream

Enjoy during your psychedelic experience with LSD , DMT or Mushrooms.

Music: Track "Discovering" by Solar Fields. One of my favorite all time musical gems. Taken from the wonderful chill album "Movements" released 2009 at Ultimae Records.
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About the google Deep Dream:
This is my second combination of a Mandelbulb 3D Fractal with the google Deep Dream algorithm.
I have written my own python script to integrate the deep dream in a smooth way without flickering. Most difficult was the synchronization of the fractal zoom speed with the deep dream zoom speed done in python. I have used a small spline script and some keypoints to get a good synchronization. I have used 9 various inception modes and the result is a mix of them.

Fractal Animation: rendered in Full HD with Mandelbulb 3D -
An additional fractal animation was used to add some more structures and blend the edges to black.

This journey is dedicated to Alicia. You can't celebrate your 10th birthday, but your all seeing eye is always here. We love you!

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Enjoy your Psychedelic Deep Dream Fractal Trip