Welcome to compilation #272 featuring the worst drivers of Napa Valley California, and also the City of Fairfield. See the driving fails, the road rage, the utter stupidity and roadway drama we have to put up with every day. There's a lot of horn honking in this, be warned!

We start this exciting video off with an incredibly arrogant and inconsiderate driver who cuts in front of me and takes the space I left for the railroad tracks. Then a driver cuts me off right in front of a cop. More cut offs by oblivious and careless drivers. We also captured an impatient young lady who fails to yield to a kid in a crosswalk. I came across a couple people who felt entitled to block parking lots.

There was one angry man who didn't like to be honked at, so he brake-checked me, retaliated by driving slowly on purpose. Then some drivers get beeped for stopping on a merge. PG&E changes his mind and almost cuts me off. A lady wants to cheat traffic but is denied by all the drivers. Nice justice for attempting to cut in line.

Turdcake Tom turns left where there are no left turn signs. A brazen motorcyclist blows a right-on-red at full speed, blindly. We encountered a few green light sitters. An indecisive lady blocks a right turn lane. I then get cut off by a girl trying to get around a broken down vehicle. Also got a few blatant red light runners. We caught a man going into the oncoming lane toward another driver who honks.

Some people are so ridiculous. This young guy tailgates us, while we're going over the speed limit, then passes and quickly turns off. He gets mad when he gets high beamed. Also got a lady holding up traffic because she can't decide where to park. Captured a few drivers passing illegally over double-yellow lines while speeding. A driver on the wrong side gets in my way in a parking lot, people in a hurry cheat traffic on the shoulder and a paranoid lady hesitates when it's her turn.

We also caught a last second decision and a jaywalker who thinks his hand will stop traffic. Then a lady who doesn't know how to drive, aborts an easy parking job. Our many time repeat offender makes another appearance. We captured a man switching lanes a bunch to get ahead.

We end the video with some personal mistakes and extras clips that include a parade of Chevy Corvettes.





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