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What is it about films that draw us to them. More often than not it's down to the genre of the film/show/videogame. What do I mean by genre? I'm glad you asked. Let's Talk Theory
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p.s. if you can't keep up with my fast list reading, I've copied them into the description here, sorry if i missed a couple:
Film Main Genres:
Action, Adventure, Children, Comedy, Crime/Gangster, Drama, Epic/Historical, Horror, Musical/Dance, Science Fiction, War, Westerns
Film Sub-Genres
Animated, Biopics, Courtroom Dramas, Detective & Mystery, Disaster, Sports, Super Heroes, Super-Natural, Thriller/Suspense
Television Genres
Childrens, Comedy (Standup Comedy, Sketch comedy, Sitcom), Drama (Action Drama, Period Drama, Legal Drama, Medical Drama, Sci-fi, Soap Opera, Thriller), Entertainment (Variety Shows), Factual (Antiques, Beatuy & Style, Cars, Crime, Food and Drink, History, Life Stories, Politics, Science, Travel), Learning, Music, News, Ethics & Religion, Sports, Weather
Videogame Genres
Action (Platformers, First Person Shooters [FPS], Fighting Games/Beat ‘em Ups), Adventure (Text, Graphics, Visual Novels, Interactive Movies, Real Time 3D Adventure), Action Adventure (Stealth, Survival Horror, Metroidvania), Casual Games, Logic Games, Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO), Music, Party Games, Programming Games, Role Playing Games [RPG] (Action RPG, Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games [MMORPG], Roguelikes, Tactical RPG, Sandbox RPG, Culturally different RPG, Choice Based RPG, Fantasy RPG), Simulation [Sims] (Construction and Management Sim, Life Sims, Vehicle Sims), Strategy (4x Games, Artillery Games, Real Time Strategy [RTS], MMORTS, Tower Defense, Turn Based, Wargames), Sports, Trivia